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Quality is never an accident. A quality product is always the result of intentional action and purposeful design. Cluck Construction Company is committed to quality, starting with our owners and filtering through to all of our employees.

Quality demonstrates a company’s commitment to excellence. It shows that a company is proud of the end result that they produce and are committed to do what is necessary for their customers.

Quality assurance is developing monitoring and improving systems and processes that assure quality products and services are available for clients on a consistent basis.

It’s not about measuring or checking construction on a frequent basis but more about preventing problems before they even occur. Building techniques, standards, and processes are constantly changing. Cluck Construction Company tries to stay up-to-date with the latest techniques available.

At Cluck Construction Company we believe quality should be a cornerstone of the company.


To attract customers/clients, you must have quality products and services.


To maintain customers, you must continue to provide quality products and services.

Our customers expect quality from Cluck Construction Company and everyone does their best to provide it.

Cluck Construction Company believes quality assurance begins by hiring talented – committed employees and implementing a strategic direction focused on quality and continuous improvement. We cannot guarantee things will always be perfect but we can guarantee that we will always do what’s right for our customers/clients and always listen to feedback so we can continue to improve.