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Cluck Construction Company is a General Contractor based in St. Joseph, MO, operating for more than 24 years.

We are a leader in providing value added construction services to our customers by creating a successful partnership with them throughout the construction process.

Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every member of the construction team.

About Us

"I would not be able to operate my business without the amazing support of our local community."

Cluck Construction Company was founded in 2000 by Randy Cluck, a local General Contractor with over 30 years of building experience. Randy’s expertise is Project Management on Commercial projects along with custom Residential homes.

During our 24 years of operations we have built strong partnerships with numerous local businesses and subcontractors; delivering the best possible materials and skilled labor while engaging in safe, professional construction business practices for both our customers and employees.

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We’ve been doing this a long time – and we know what it takes to make a project successful. Cluck Construction will work with you through the entire process, employing a progressive dialogue we dubbed the Seven Step Building Process.

We do Residential. Commercial. Consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Cluck Construction Company is fully registered, licensed and insured in every state in which it operates in.

Of course! All of our customers, subcontractors and distributors are open to request a physical or digital copy of our certificate of insurance – you need only ask.

Absolutely. Cluck Construction Company works closely with the states and local cities in which it operates to ensure all needed permits are obtained and all required inspections are performed as needed.

Payment scheduling differs from client to client, however most clients will be expected to make an initial down payment and then scheduled biweekly progress payments. Your personalized contract will always contain the specific payment details required.

Cluck Construction Company owns all responsibility for materials and site safety until project completion. We utilize various methods to protect your project such as: tarps, specialized floor runners, zip walls, barriers, temporary walls, shoe coverings, locking doors and windows, etc. 

If you will be needing us to do additional certain steps to protect your property, be sure to communicate it with us before project commencing. You will have a dedicated project manager and will be provided their contact information for 24/7 communication as needed if any property security issues arise.

Every project will be given an accurate estimate pricing, but unforeseen charges may arise. We strive to be transparent in actual costs, and always keep a log of labor and materials used. We communicate with our clients a breakdown of all charges incurred on a biweekly basis.

However unfortunate, disagreements may occur either during or after the project completion. We do our best to absolve disagreements by making sure they never happen in the first place – by having a crystal clear project vision and goal. We always ask our clients speak with us frequently during a project to ensure everyone is happy.

In the most rare cases, if there is a disagreement we can not amicably solve together, we will employ deferral to a third-party adjudicator.

Cluck Construction Company usually offers a standard 1 year warranty and correction of defective work on materials used on your project; effective after project completion. Please note your actual warranty information will be included in your personalized contract.

Cluck Construction Company often works on multiple projects at any given time, and while it is rare, our employees or subcontractors employed on your project may be subject to change, dependent on project length.

Your dedicated project manager will never change upon project commencing, to establish a clear structure, vision and line of communication.

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Residential, Commercial or Consultation – whatever your needs, our experts want to hear from you. Drop us a line using the contact form below.