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Cluck Construction Company offers custom home building services

Building a new home is an exciting undertaking.  Often times, clients will purchase a piece of land or a “shell” and will want to build their dream house on it.  Sometimes a person may need to rebuild their home after a fire or flood has caused irreparable damage.  While other people may want to build a home/project as an investment opportunity, in which they hire a General Contractor (GC) to build it, and then the client sells or rents the product (for a profit/income).  Regardless of the type of New Construction project, the advantage of a custom home is that the client can design it any way they like. This breaks away from the “cookie cutter homes” that are sometimes seen on blocks in the larger cities.  With a custom home, clients can be assured that all of their needs and desires are met, for a price that fits within their budget.

Cluck Construction Company, Inc. strives to create trusting relationships with clients, through providing detailed estimates and transparency in their processes. As clients feel comfortable and at ease in the building process, they are able to relax and enjoy the thrilling process of watching their dream home or project become a reality.

Often times, using a Design Build system works best for New Construction projects (see design/build segment in the “services section” of our website for more information).

Recent Custom Homes

An example of a Custom Home that Cluck Construction Company recently completed can be seen in our project section.